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Hobnobbing on the Social Media Journey

The days of hobnobbing around the campfire are hard to capture in this present busy age, but the idea of sharing stories with others on the journey never goes out of style.

Effective social media allows your company to find out what stories your customers are sharing on their journey.  It allows you to help them have “and they lived happily ever after” moments.  Plus, when your employees hobnob with their customers, they will be adding value to the company.

Here at Hobnob Connect, we can help you learn to positively interact and listen to your clients by helping you build a strong social media network.  And all the while on the journey, we will hobnob with you, too!

John Deisher, Storyteller and Lead Hobnobber, has spent a lifetime working with people.  Many times he has helped people work through their disappointments and complaints.  John has a great knack for bringing negative situations to positive conclusions.  He has learned the value of taking note of what people say and getting to the root of what they mean.

John has also developed effective techniques for communicating with people using his computer social media skills.  He is a clever and experienced storyteller with a great sense of humor.  Even as storyteller and lead hobnobber at Hobnob Connect, still one of his favorite things to do is to go down to the local grocery store cafe and hobnob with the local farmers over a cup of coffee.  He likes to listen to their tales, and he tells a few stories of his own.  He is good at hobnobbing…and he knows how to do it on the internet, too!


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